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The sea and the beaches near the village

Beach of Acquaviva
Our holiday resort overlooks this free, state owned beach. The shingle, pebble beach is approximately 70 metres long. The water flows down from the shore in a gradual way and, helped by the delicate scirocco wind, turns crystal clear. The temperature of the water is cool even in summer. The view from the cliffs is striking and, if you wish, you can sunbathe on the flat rocks on either side of the beach secluded from the rest of the world.

Acquaviva Beach, Elba
Acquaviva Beach, Elba
Acquaviva Beach, Elba

Beaches of Acquavivetta and Sansone
With the beach of Acquaviva at your back you only need to cross a cool pine-grove, walk along a panoramic path that winds its way along the cliffs and after only 10 minutes you will find yourself at these two beaches that are, without a doubt, among the most beautiful beaches on the Island of Elba.
The small, round, brilliant white pebbles and the emerald green sea immediately bring to mind a typical tropical beach.

You can rent out sun beds, beach umbrellas, canoes and pedalos on the beach of Sansone.

Beach of Viticcio
100 meters far from the crossing Enfola - Viticcio. Made of sand and pebbles. Ideal for snorkling and all other water sports. In the neighbourhood different other small and deserted bays.

Beach of Enfola
Just 2 km away from the camping, at the foot of the Enfola promontory which is an open air museum, offers even a small harbour, the possibility to tie boats and a diving center. In the past a thuna factory was situated at Enfola, which was closed in 1959. 2 pebble beaches, one on either side of the peninsula.

Sansone and  Acquavivetta Beaches, Elba
Viticcio Beach, Elba
Enfola Beach, Elba

Beach of Capo Bianco
2 km far in direction of Portoferraio, then direction Capo Bianco until the public parking. From a there a stair leads of 40 meters leads down to the beach. Length 350 meters with snow white pebbles and cliffs.

Beach of Padulella 400 meters from the above mentioned beach. Can be reached over a trail from the parking. Length 50 meters. Sand and pebble ground and surrounded by white cliffs.

Beach of Ghiaie
The main beach of Portoferraio, with the Medici fortress in its shoulders. Length 500 meters. The name comes from the beautiful pebbles the beach is made of.

Capobianco Beach, Elba
Padulella Beach, Elba
Ghiaie and Frati Beaches, Elba

The Acquaviva Village Camping is the ideal departure point for those who want to discover the sub-marine world of the island: for the diving fans we collaborate with a diving school, Enfola Diving Center, which is able to give all the qualified assistance you need.

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